The original production site in 1900 is located in Cartagena. In 1913, the company began its Rum distillation and aging business and, until 1959, also the production of cane sugar. The Rum was produced from the fermentation of honey from cane sugar. The assembly of Rum starts with 70% with continuous column still distillation while the remaining 30% is with the copper and steel Pot still method to give greater character to the product.

The aging process is done according to the solera method. 98,000 oak barrels are used: ex-bourbon 70%, ex-sherry 15%, ex-port 15%. Rum Dictador is produced following rigid quality control, and the barrels are filled and kept at the highest level in order to reduce the phenomenon of evaporation. The whole concept of Dictador is extraordinary and truly international. The style unites the Colombian tradition of the distillery with the innovative European design and the art of Japanese bottles. Dictador is not just a rum but a lifestyle brand, from its captivating image and link to the world of fashion.


Rum Dictador Aged 12 Years

Rum Dictador Aged 20 Years

Rum Dictador XO Insolent

Rum Dictador XO Perpetual