Liquori e distillati Vincenzi

Nuove Distillerie Vincenzi has been producing spirits and liquors in Turin since 1930. Some proudly consider it a “Made in Italy” icon for 4 generations.

Its most well-known product is Bicerin di Giandujotto, but the company also produces a vast array of liquors and spirits. Additionally, they produce 21 flavors of syrups and diverse confectionary specialties. The company has always paid careful attention to the quality of the raw materials as well as of the final product.


Amaro Derbior

Il Pastis 45°

Grappa del Turet e Uva Fragola

Grappa del Turet e Frutti di bosco

Grappa di Moscato 18 mesi

Il Fernet, Vincenzi

Amaretto di Torino