Nuove Distillerie Vincenzi

In 1930 le Distillerie Vincenzi SRL was founded, and it is one of the most famous businesses in the field of the production and sale of liquor, syrups, and chocolate in Italy. Thanks to the preservation of traditional production methods and the unvarying use of the same raw materials and ingredients over the years, the company has grown impressively both commercially and innovatively.

SCIROPPI VINCENZI – flavors available in 70 cl.: Black Cherry, Anis, Blood Orange, Caramel, Cassis, Cola, Strawberry, Grenadine, Raspberry, Almond Milk, Lime, Lemon, Green Apple, White Mint, Green Peppermint, Blueberry, Orgeat, Tamarind, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla, Cane Sugar. Flavors available in 1.5 L: Black Cherry, Blood Orange, Grenadine, Lemon, Green Peppermint, Orgeat.