VII Hills

VII Hills Gin was born out of the passion of 3 friends and colleagues that have worked in the beverage world for over 15 years. After having traveled the world for work, they met in London while working at Mr. Fogg’s venue in London, which was listed as the 2014 Best Bar by Food&Travel magazine and named among the 50 Best Bars in the World. Danilo Tersigni, Francesco Medici and Filippo Previero, initially meeting at the bar, were propelled by their passion for the world of beverages to create something unique and Italian.

They wished to fill the gap left in the world’s most important category with an Italian Gin. After numerous ample and varied projects, they chose to create the first Italian London Dry Gin distributed abroad after the Sarti distillery closed in the 1960s. VII Hills Gin is the Italian distilled essence in millennial English culture. They exclusively use botanicals used in ancient Rome, and thus the name VII Hills.


VII Hills Gin