About us

“Moving forward means improving in order to face new changes.”

Onestigroup S.P.A. is a distribution company in the beverage sector. The company is the result of years of sharing experiences, ideas, and emotions, and solid, family principles are the foundation of what we do. From the very start, more than 30 years ago, Onestigroup has been a symbol of innovation and trustworthiness, and our brand is a guarantee of quality and precision.

Our goal, based on a strong legacy of aiming toward the future, is to provide a extended array of carefully selected and exclusive alcoholic products from all over the world in order to satisfy our Clients.

“District of Beverage” is our new company vision to discover high quality, unique products in the beverage sector.

Whether it concerns wine, champagne, soft drinks or spirits, OnestiGroup S.P.A. guarantees a portfolio that is continually expanding of over 65 brands that we exclusively distribute in Italy, and we have more than 70 sales agents in Italy with one common goal: interpersonal relationships.



In 1986, Emilio Onesti’s idea resulted in the founding of “Commerciale Nord Italia”, a small family-owned company specialized in the distribution of beverages. Due to the importance of professionalism, guaranteed service, and passion, the company soon became a point of reference for its clients.


The volume of business begins to grow and demands change; the desire to better satisfy clients and their needs leads Commerciale Nord Italia to change headquarters twice: in 1995 and again in 2004.


In 2004 the business transferred to its current headquarters in Via Toscana in Fiorenzuola D’Arda, maintaining its roots in the territory but expanding its dimensions and product. The new location is a building composed of 900 sq. m of offices and a warehouse of over 7,000 sq. m of vast, technological stock capacity that today holds over 2,000 products comprised of spirits, wine, champagne, beer and soft drinks.


In 2008 Commerciale Nord Italia manages to expand its sales net, has a distribution network spread over the national territory, and changes its name to OnestiGroup S.P.A. The company name represents the union of the past and present. It comes from the union of two words: ONESTI, the founder’s surname, to maintain ties with its origins, experience and skills accumulated over years of work in the sector, and GROUP, which represents the company’s long-term goals and reserves its status as the “mother” or different specialized business units.


The company begins the path it will dedicatedly follow: the first commission to be the exclusive distributor of Champagne Collet, which remains even today in our catalog, in Italy. Over the years, the company has continually expanded its portfolio to the point of dealing in all categories of beverages, carefully following the evolutions of the market, and finally achieving the current 65 brands that we exclusively distribute.


OnestiGroup S.P.A. signed an important agreement with Giovinetti Partners that brought about the acquisition of the global brand Alpestre. The goal of this important agreement is that of spreading Italian quality abroad without revolutionizing the original brand’s tradition. “This is not an end but rather an important step on the path of growth that I, and even more my son Andrea, would like to carry out with tenacity and passion, a step which we believe will result in our company becoming an even more important protagonist in the years to come,” stated Emilio Onesti.


Today the company has a sales network of over 70 agents spread across the Italian territory who serve almost 3,500 clients with 200 weekly deliveries directly from headquarters. Rapid delivery times and the company’s advanced technological system, which includes the ability to trace lots, deadlines, and itineraries, are some of our qualities that go above and beyond. These, together with our customizable service, experience, and professionalism have caused OnestiGroup to become one of today’s leaders in intermediary distribution in Italy. “The goals of the past were reached with passion, commitment, and consistency on the part of each member of the company. Now we cannot help but turn our vision toward new horizons.”


In the past, OnestiGroup S.P.A. dealt with the distribution of high quality products in the beverage sector. Our goal for the future is that of specializing in the exclusive distribution of national brands and implementing a new project that is completely dedicated to the world of wine while maintaining first and foremost the company’s cardinal principle: client satisfaction.