After 4 distillations, MOM is infused with different red berries , including raspberries and red currants.

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On the nose, the fragrance of forest fruits is clearly perceived and gives a touch of sweetness to this Gin. In the mouth, distinct notes of juniper that soften the red fruits is perceived. Unlike many other gins, MOM has a soft, round, sweet taste on the palate.
Its name derives from the Anglo-Saxon nickname for the Queen Mother, or Mom, known to be an admirer of the notes of juniper.
The packaging is trendy and very glamorous, playing with the contrast between black and pink.
Perfect serve: for a perfect gin tonic with Gin MOM as the base: 5 CL of Gin MOM, 20 CL of tonic. We recommend adding to the drink 2 canned black cherries on a stick with a spoonful of the syrup.

Mom Gin cl.5

  • Alcohol content: 39,5% Vol.
  • EAN: 8410023034814
  • Packaging: 12
  • Strato Pallet:
  • Pallet:

Mom Gin cl. 70

  • Alcohol content: 39,5% Vol.
  • EAN: 8410023032230
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet: 16 Ct.
  • Pallet: 96 Ct.
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