In the town of Diano d’Alba, all the vineyards and wine-making professions are catalogued and called “Söri”, a word in the local dialect in Piedmont that means “sunny”. The Dolcetto vine variety, cultivated with particular attention and skill toward said vines, produces a wine of extraordinary agreeableness and longevity. Diano d’Alba “Söri Richin” comes from an old vine of notable prestige.

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It is a brilliant ruby red color with a rich, complex, broad, fruity scent rich in the aromas of blackberries and plum jam. The flavor is well-structured and balanced, soft, of proper tannicity, great balance, and long, pleasant persistence.
Söri Richin is no. 56 in the registry of 77 total Söri from Diano d’Alba.
Alcohol Content: 13% vol.

Sori Richin Diano d'Alba DOCG ``Vigna`` cl.75

  • Alcohol content: 13% vol.
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet: 25 Ct.
  • Pallet: 75 Ct.
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