Solera 1847 has the dark, intense Mahogany color characteristic of Pedro Ximénez. It has aromas of raisin, vanilla, and wood. On the palate, Solera 1847 is velvety with sweet notes of fig, raisin, and a touch of caramel and wood. The finish has a slightly hazelnut taste. It is prefect as an aperitif or with dessert, for example ice cream and apple pie. Serve chilled between 6-10° C.

Solera1847 cl.75

  • Alcohol content: 18% vol.
  • EAN: 8410023020237
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet: 21 Ct.
  • Pallet: 105 Ct.

Solera1847 cl.37,5

  • Alcohol content: 18% vol.
  • EAN: 8410023020213
  • Packaging: 12
  • Strato Pallet: 18 Ct.
  • Pallet: 108 Ct.
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