Alamea Liqueurs

Alamea is made with mint and the international experience of Daniele Dalla Pola and Elis Carriero. Together they build the tasting and sensory profile of Alamea Liqueurs. Alamea in the Hawaiian language means “precious”. Alamea is also a typical starfish of Hawaii where the upper part of the star is poisonous and provokes pain to those who are stung but at the same time the bottom part can be used to relieve its painful effects.

The basic idea is that of recreating in high quality some products that are no longer present on the market or that often are homemade in order to be of help to those who perhaps cannot for lack of time or ability, prepare them easily.
Alamea Liqueurs are designed to create exotic and tiki cocktails but can also be adapted for a twist on classic cocktails or enjoyed by themselves.


Spiced Rum, Alamea

Peach Brandy Liqueur, Alamea

Pimento Rum Liqueur, Alamea

Hawaiian Coffee Liqueur, Alamea