The company BRUXO began with a group of friends who loved their country, Mexico, so much that they felt the need to honor it by producing a magnificent and fascinating spirit that is profoundly tied to the traditions and locations of their forefathers: Mezcal. BRUXO boasts controlled designation of origin (ODS) products, which are considered true standard bearers of richness and tradition of the geographical area from which they come.

The name resembles the Spanish word brujo, a synonym for shaman or wiseman, with the addition of the letter X to recall the product’s land of origin, Mexico, and more specifically Oaxaca (the region and heart of the Mezcal tradition).


Bruxo No.5 Tobalà

Bruxo No.4 Ensamble

Bruxo No.3 Barril

Bruxo No.2 Pechuga

Bruxo No.1 Espadín