Kremlin Award

Kremlin Award vodka faithfully reproposes the original recipe that was a State secret for almost a century, increasing its exclusive status – which has always set it apart – even more. The decision to create this exceptional product came from the need to have a distinctive symbol of Russia to use at State events and to welcome diplomats at the Kremlin. The formula, kept rigorously secret, was created in the 1910s by a team of specialists from the prestigious Crystall distillery in Moscow. They studied for over two consecutive years to perfect it.

The first great presentation of this “protocol” vodka was in 1945 for the Yalta Summit, where the most important heads of state met to decide the future of the world! Known as the Vodka of the Kremlin, for a long time it had no official name. Employees referred to it as “protocol vodka” until finally the name KREMLIN AWARD was decided upon, thus conserving the legend of its unique origins, faithful to the tradition and history of Russia. KREMLIN AWARD vodka, as always reserved for elite clientele, contains the best that Russia has to offer.


Vodka Kremlin Award Classic

Vodka Kremlin Award