Calvados Morin

Calvados Morin is an apple-flavored spirit produced in a distillery of the same name, which was founded in 1889 in Ivry La Bataille in the French region of Normandy. The region called “Calvados” was created after the French Revolution, but the l’eau de vie de cidre was already commonly called calvados.

The Morin distillery is family-run and boasts very unique aging cellars where humidity has created a distinctive and evocative environment. Calvados Morin has been present in the Italian market for over 40 years, and the brand Calvados is the most famous in our country.


Calvados Vintage 1973

Calvados Sèlection

Calvados Extra

Calvados 25 Anni Napoleon

Calvados 20 Anni Pays D’auge XO

Calvados 15 anni Hors D’age

Calvados 10 anni