Pescador De Suenos

Pescador de Sueños began with the desire to promote an ancestral beverage that is fundamental to Mexican culture. The Santa Sabia distillery is a company with a 100% sustainability policy, which aims at generating the sustainability of the production and conservation of the ecosystem and the varieties of agave cultivated. It promotes the respect of the Mezcal community, their land, territory and customs and helps preserve their traditions, encouraging fair prices that allow for the continuation of the palenques and the development of rural communities.

Every Mezcal possesses a unique spirit: it is the result of the mixing of man’s work, nature and agaves. This is the reason the Santa Sabia distillery sponsors different cultural and artistic movements that incarnate the essence of Mexican culture in the world. Mezcal is a distilled product, the result of the fermentation of the sugars contained in the heart of the agave. The plants, collected between 7 and 40 years depending on the species and variety, are cooked in wood ovens dug into the earth. Next come the maceration and fermentation processes, followed finally by the distillation. Mezcal is usually distilled twice. In order to obtain the desired level of alcohol, the master mezcalero selects which codes to use in the spirit, mixing the superior Mezcal from the first distillation and the less exquisite from the second.


Aprendiz Espadìn & Tepextate

Aprendiz Espadìn