Podere Morazzano

Il Podere Morazzano is located in Montescudaio, in the province of Pisa, nestled among the hills behind the Tyrrhenian coast with enchanting places where the air is clean and the sun illuminates the ever evocative panorama. It extends for nine hectares at 250 mamsl, of which five are dedicated to Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot wine.

The lands are composed of mixed clays and calcareous flysch, marl, and calcareous clay. The microclimate is affected by the influx of the sea breeze and atmospheric temperature that allows the grapes, in the ripening phase, to establish perfectly the varietals.

This environment confers on the wines compact and deep colors, intense and varied scents, good structure, rich alcohol, low acidity, fine quality and longevity. After a careful and meticulous management of the terrain, a rigorous manual harvest, the pressing and the fermentation happen with separated grapes and in a natural way in steel tins with daily reassembling.

The wines are then poured in French durmast barrels where they will rest for various months and will be assembled only just before they are bottled where they will be further perfected for more time. With the objective of always maintaining a high quality standard, giving the wine a unique and strong personality, the entire production, bottled on-site in the cellars of Montescudaio, never exceeds 20,000 bottles annually.