Produced by infusing rare, hand-collected herbs from the wild expanse at the border of Ungava Bay, which is an uncontaminated region north of Quebec with breathtaking landscapes and extreme climate conditions, Gin Ungava is distinguished by its surprising yellow color, which is due to the infusion of herbs that occurs after distillation.

Juniper, Rhododendron Subarcticum, Labrador tea, Bearberry, Cloudberry, and Rosa Canina are the six herbs that the native population of the area, the Inuits, hand-pick, and they give a distinctive flavor to the product as well as importance to the 100% natural origins of this super-premium Gin. Gin Ungava is strongly linked to its territory of origin. Ungava contributes to the cultural and economic protection of the local population: the rare herbs and berries picked by the Inuits are purchased by fair-trade associations.