APPEARANCE: the body is seemingly clear, silvery, and viscous/oily
FIRST IMPRESSION: very similar to a buckwheat pancake, rich wheat flour with herbaceous notes, touches of honey, and a breath of dill

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FLAVOR: enchanting oily entrance with a heavy, almost viscous, body that resembles buckwheat fritters. Similar to a liquid version of a buckwheat pancake with touches of dill and honey with a nice fading/finish of herbs, dill, and honey with a light dryness that leave behind a grainy flavour with a pleasant base of herbs that is soft on the tongue. A very delicate vodka that hides its strength.
DRINK: adds nice body and a certain complexity, in particular in a vodka cocktail, rounds off and smoothes out the edges, integrating itself perfectly and adding its whispers and shades.
OTHER: We use the term vodka in our index of description and research so that people can find it more easily. Polugar, however, has very little that can be considered vodka in our time.


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