APPEARANCE: clear, without inclusions or sediments.
FIRST IMPRESSION: intense notes of garlic with persistent notes of pepper. This could be a strong spirit if not done properly.

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FLAVOR: The wheat and oily entrance level out the path, in reality they persist more than you might think before giving way to the garlic and pepper. The general impression is eating a piece of rye/wheat bread with pepper and garlic.
DRINK: a nice alternative to a Gibson (Martini cocktail with an onion instead of the usual olive or slice of lemon). Ideal for a Bloody Mary and in many other beverages that require a spiced flavor.
It is also exceptional with food – in particular with fish (smoked or not) and Russian cuisine.
FINAL THOUGHTS: an interesting, well-made vodka even if a bit eccentric. It could open up new horizons to cocktails and food pairings.

POLUGAR N°2 Garlic & Pepper

  • Alcohol content: 38,5% vol.
  • EAN: 5902012671009
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet:
  • Pallet: 140 crt
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