APPEARANCE: clear, without inclusions or sediments.
FIRST IMPRESSION: interesting, well-balanced mix between allspice, honey, and just a hint of pepper on a wheat base characteristic of Polugar vodka.

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FLAVOR: excellent oily entrance that smoothes out the way for the aromatic allspice, followed by honey and finally the pleasant warmth of pepper that gives way to the sweet, warm, round finish of wheat.
DRINK: perfect ingredient in a marvelous cocktail like a Martini vodka, an exceptional Bloody Mary, or a myriad of other cocktails where sweetness, warmth, or a touch of oiliness is desired.
FINAL THOUGHTS: This is a delicious, balanced, aromatic vodka that is full of flavor and body. Its pureness makes mixing easier.

POLUGAR N°4 Honey and Allspice

  • Alcohol content: 38,5% vol
  • EAN: 5902012671047
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet:
  • Pallet: 140 crt
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