APPEARNACE: clear, without inclusions or sediments.
FIRST IMPRESSION: moderate notes of horseradish. Not an explosion of notes of earthy roots and horseradish vinegar, but, oddly, some traces of juniper as a persistent, aromatic emollient after a first wave of horseradish. The wheat and rye complete that could be a harder spirit if not done properly.

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FLAVOR: the wheat and its oily entrance smooth out the way and in reality persist more than you might think before giving way to the horseradish that gives a pleasantly dry finish. The general impression is that of eating a piece of kimmelwick (a typical American sandwich) with a touch of horseradish. Extremely well done.
DRINK: a nice alternative to a Gibson (Martini cocktail with an onion instead of the usual olive or slice of lemon). Ideal for a Bloody Mary and in many other beverages that require a spiced flavor.
Horseradish is a fairly exotic ingredient in a cocktail. It is also exceptional with food – in particular with fish (smoked or not) and Russian cuisine.
FINAL THOUGHTS: a really interesting and well-done vodka. It could open new horizons to cocktails and accompanying gastronomy.

POLUGAR N°5 Horseradish

  • Alcohol content: 38,5% vol
  • EAN: 5902012671061
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet:
  • Pallet: 140 crt
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