APPEARANCE: Swirling the glass leaves a substantial residue that transforms into drops. Crystalline appearance.
FIRST IMPRESSION: Fragrance of bread with a touch of sweetness and a hint of wheat. The talent of the distiller is noteworthy from the absence of the notes that are easily found in wheat vodkas that are not carefully distilled.

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FLAVOR: liquid bread with a pleasant sweetness and oiliness with the initial entrance. The impression of wheat and oiliness flow without precedent and capture the essence of the wheat.
DRINK: Particularly suitable for a Bloody Mary and spiced cocktails. In reality, it should be enjoyed straight at room temperature to fully appreciate it.
Almost every vodka can be enjoyed fairly cold, and many can be delectable at room temperature (which allows any defects to be noticed rapidly in many cases). However, this one truly stands out among wheat vodkas to sip and enjoy at room temperature to bring out all its charm.
FINAL THOUGHTS: One of the best and softest wheat vodkas. A nice, oily, sumptuous expression of vodka. If this vodka were a moment in time, it could be described as Rubenesque from the painter Pieter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), chubby and sensual.


  • Alcohol content: 38,50% vol.
  • EAN: 5902596199258
  • Packaging: 9
  • Strato Pallet:
  • Pallet: 96 crt.
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