Vodka Kremlin Award is the heir of legendary Russian vodkas. Created in Russia during the 20th century, it was originally produced for the Kremlin in limited quantities and destined for an extremely restricted audience.

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It was in fact the beverage of excellence for the most exclusive guests and was offered to the highest State officials invited to the Palace. Only a few privileged guests could enjoy it.
Even today it is destined to a highly selective audience of elite Russia.
Kremlin Award Classic Vodka was created by notable masters that were able to reinvent a classic recipe for Russian vodka created with a Juniper base. Kremlin Award Classic is made using a heritage recipe and reflects in its quality the best of the centuries old experience of the ancient makers of Russian vodka and of the tradition of modern Russia. The only recipe that can connect the ancient heritage recipes and its modern characteristics.
Nose: smooth aroma, bread and green apple.
Flavor: well-balanced and velvety
Aftertaste: sweet aftertaste with light notes of green apple.
Temperature: 12-15°C
Ideal as an aperitif, good flavor for cocktails, pairs well with meat and pasta.

Vodka Kremlin Award Classic cl. 70

  • Alcohol content: 40 % vol.
  • EAN: 4660012300053
  • Packaging: 6
  • Strato Pallet: 25 Ct.
  • Pallet: 100 Ct.
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